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Ranlo is a town located in Gaston County, North Carolina, United States. As of the 2000 census, the town had a total population of 2,198. (More Info and Source) Ranlo Real Estate

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Apple's Tim Cook brags about company's green 'spaceship' campus

Apple's new campus in Cupertino is still under construction, but the company's CEO Tim Cook has just promised that it will be the most environmentally friendly structure on the planet.

TIM COOK VIA YOUTUBE / ARMAND CZAPKOWSKI: "We're building a new headquarters that I think will be the greenest building on the planet. It'll be a center for innovation, and I think it's something that our employees want, and we want."

 Cook's remarks were made during a Climate Change NYC discussion, part of a weeklong series of events on climate change centered around a U.N. summit in New York on the issue. (Video via People's Climate March)

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The campus Cook was referring to – known as "Apple Campus 2" or, informally, the "Spaceship Campus" – is expected to be finished sometime in 2016. Pitched by former Apple CEO Steve Jobs in 2011, the finished facility is projected to be 80 percent landscape and house its own green energy plant. (Video via YouTube / jmcminnTechnology Integration Services

Cook's made no secret of his environmentalist bona fides in the past: he's previously touted the company's sustainable practices in an Apple commercial:

"We will work to leave the world better than we found it."

... and in a not-so-subtle dig at rival tech company Samsung, with whom Apple's been locked in a legal battle for years over tech patents.

During Monday's talk, Cook also mentioned Apple's efforts to make their supply chains more sustainable. The company recently banned two hazardous chemicals from their iPhone production lines after facing pressure from labor groups. (Video via Bloomberg)

But a Gizmodo writer notes Cook hasn't been forthcoming about the specifics of the spaceship's sustainability, adding: "If Campus 2 is actually the greenest building on the planet, that's fantastic. If Apple is cleaning and continues to clean up its supply chain, that's also wonderful. But talk is cheap."

Cook's comments come one day after an estimated 300,000 people marched through the streets of New York to demand action on climate change, and one day before 125 world leaders convene at the U.N. headquarters for the climate change summit.

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:38:56 -0400

'Alien hairballs' that washed up on Australian beach are actually algae

These green balls washed up on the shore of Dee Why Beach in Sydney, Australia, last week. And after seeing the photos, many are thinking extraterrestrial.

FOX NEWS: "Bizarre green balls dubbed 'alien eggs.'"

WGN-TV: "Some are calling them 'alien eggs' and 'alien hairballs.'"

"Alien hairballs?"

"Yeah, that's what they look like."

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But these foreign objects aren't exactly from outer space. 

A beachgoer told the Daily Mail Australia, "I picked one up and squeezed it and it was so squishy — but I wasn't sure if it was alive and was worried I might hurt anything inside!"

Turns out the balls, which are almost perfectly circular in shape, are a pretty rare type of living algae.

But, unlike the gross green goop that clings to rocks and forms on the top of water, this type of algae is"free living," meaning it forms into a ball shape.

According to the French Tribune, scientists believe seaweed comes together to form these circular shapes "to guard themselves from predators."

The Sydney Daily Telegraph reports Alan Millar from The Royal Botanic Gardens and Domain Trust says there's a very specific reason these balls came to land: "(It's) clearly another response to spring sunshine, and just the right wave conditions to tumble them. Obviously these biophysical conditions do not align every spring to produce these balls."

So, looks like they're native to Earth, not Mars. Maybe next time. 

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 02:08:19 -0400

Woman breaks windshield to rescue baby from hot car despite warnings

When a San Antonio woman noticed a baby left alone in a hot car, she ignored the warnings from bystanders and a security guard.

Angela Radtke smashed through the car windshield with a tire iron and crawled through the hole to unlock the door. 

"The security guard was yelling that I could possibly be arrested for breaking the window," Radtke told KENS.

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But she said she was thinking, "I don't care if I get arrested. I'm saving this baby."

She very well might have. Officials looked at security footage and found the baby was left in the hot car for 40 minutes. The 1-year-old was taken to a hospital and treated for dehydration. 

Radtke's brave actions are quickly making headlines – with most pointing out she was warned by onlookers and the security guard to leave the situation alone.

With the 27 child vehicular heatstroke deaths in 2014 so far, many of those cases making national news, it's surprising others were reluctant to help her – and those who were afraid Radtke would be breaking the law probably didn't realize she'd be protected by one.

The basics of the Texas "Good Samaritan" Law are explained as this: "If you voluntarily attempt to help someone who is in an urgent situation as a result of an accident or other emergency, then you are protected from any liability for damages that may result from your care."

Radtke was questioned by officials after the incident but was released without charges shortly after. The father of the child said he forgot the baby was in the car, and he's now being charged with child endangerment.

Tue, 23 Sep 2014 00:58:44 -0400

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